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:: Adding an email account to Outlook Express

1.Click on Tools from the menu and select Accounts.

2.Now Click Add.

3.Now select Mail.

4.Ensure that the person's name you wish to add is in the window.

5.Enter their E-mail address.

6.Enter the Server Names as shown.

7.Select Logon Using: and enter your username and password.

8.Enter a friendly name for this account such as: Barbara's Mail

9.Select Connect using my phone line.

10.Select Use existing dial-up connection and select us-it.net.

11.Now Click Finish. The additional account should appear in your list of internet mail accounts.

12.You can check it by clicking on Properties and review your settings. If you want to include this account when you do a send and receive, then check "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing" in the properties window.