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Your setup options will be under the following menu options depending on what version of Eudora you have.

Tools menu then "Options" or
Special menu then "settings"

1.Click on the "Geting Started" icon in the left column. Fill in the "POP Account" and "Real Name" sections as follows:

2.In the "POP Account" field type username@us-it.net In the "Real Name" field type your real name When you are finished, click on the "Personal Information" icon

3.Your POP ACCOUNT and REAL NAME information should be filled in. For your return address you should use:
username@us-it.net This is your e-mail address.

4.Now click on the 'HOST' icon. Change your SMTP so that it reads mail.flite.net You can leave the rest of the fields blank as shown in the image.

5.To configure Eudora to check mail at specific intervals or to check mail automatically when it is started, click on the Tools menu and choose Options. Under Category, choose the "Checking Mail" icon.

The "Check for mail every __ minutes" option can be set to the interval of your choice. A good setting is for 10 minutes.

Note: that this setting only takes effect if the program is running and causes Eudora to check mail each time it is started. If you do not want Eudora to check mail automatically then set this number to 0.

Advanced: If you check your mail from more than one location (e.g. from home and the office) then you may check the box for "Leave Mail on Server". This way the same messages may be retrieved by another mail program later. Even though Eudora leaves the messages on the server, it will ignore previously read messages automatically. PLEASE BEWARE: Using this feature over extended periods of time will cause the size of your mailbox to steadily increase as mail is accumulated on our mail server. This will cause your mail to take more time to download as Eudora determines which message it has already fetched. For this reason it is recommend that the "Delete from server after __ days" be change to an interval of 10, 20, or 30 days.

Checking Mail: To check your mail using Eudora, click on the File menu and choose "Check Mail". Or you may use the CTRL-M keyboard shortcut, or you may click the Check Mail button .

Questions regarding the use of Eudora or Eudora Pro beyond sending and receiving your e-mail are beyond the scope of this document and USIT tech support staff. Please consult your manuals or help files if you need other questions answered.