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Microsoft Outlook is the Personal Information Manager that comes with Microsoft'sİ Office Suite. This guide will show you how to configure it for Internet e-mail. You can follow these instructions online or you can print the text only version.

1.Start Microsoft Outlook. Once the program appears, go to the "Tools" menu and choose "Services".

2.Once you are in the Services windows, click on the Internet Mail item and click the Properties button.

3.If "Internet Mail" is not on the list, then you can click the Add button and select it from the list.

4.Once you click properties, you will see this window...

Fill in the blanks as shown in the example above: Personal Information Full Name: Type your name E-mail address: username@us-it.net (see example) Mailbox Information Internet Mail server: mail.us-it.net Account name: username (see example) Password: ****** (will not appear when you type it)

Once you've finished, click the Connection tab...when you are on the Connection tab, you can tell Outlook to use the modem to retrieve your e-mail

Select the "Connect using the modem" option. In the box below choose the us-it.net entry.

Note: You should not have to use the "Add Entry..." button.

That's it!! Microsoft Outlook should now be configured to receive mail from your us-it.net account. To have your mail delivered, click on Tools and choose "Check for New Mail". outlook should use your Dial-Up Networking connection to dial us-it.net if you're not already connected. All received mail should appear in the Inbox.

Questions regarding the use of Microsoft Oulook beyond sending and receiving your e-mail are beyond the scope of this document and USIT tech support staff. Please consult your manuals or help files if you need other questions answered.