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Configuring Internet Explorer 5.0 Open the Control Panel (click "Start", "Settings", "Control Panel").

1.Setting the Homepage - Open the "Internet" Control Panel icon (if you are currently in Explorer 5.0, click the View menu and select "Internet Options"). Note that the window has six tabs at the top. On the first tab (General), change the address to: http://www.us-it.net

2. Setting the default Connection Click the "Connection" tab. Select "Connect to the Internet using a modem". Then click the "Settings" button.

Under "Use the following Dial-Up connection", select us-it.net. Note: If us-it.net is not available then review the instructions for Dial-Up Networking. Make sure that "Always dial my default connection" is checked if you want Internet Explorer to make a connection automatically when needed. Then fill in the "User" and "Password" boxes like the example below:

User: joe (use your username, not joe's) Password: *******
(The *'s hide your password) Domain: (leave blank) Click OK

3. Setting the default Email program Click the "Programs" tab.

Make sure for "Mail" and "News" you have Outlook Express selected. Note: If you prefer to use other Email programs or News readers then you may select them here to make them the default programs (eg. Eudora Pro, Outlook 98, etc.). Click "Ok". Now you are ready to browse the World Wide Web using Internet Explorer. Start Internet Explorer by using the "Internet Explorer" icon on the desktop.