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:: Macintosh OS 8

Part A:
Make new dial-up connection

1.Click on the "Internet Setup Assistant" icon located in the "Internet" folder.   
  My Computer

If you do not have an Internet folder, then press Command-F on your keyboard to bring up the finder and enter "Internet" to locate the Internet Setup Assistant.


2.Click on "Update"  
DialUp Networking

3.Click on the right arrow

4.Choose "Add internet configuration" and click the right arrow.

5.Enter us-it.net and choose "modem" and click the right arrow.

6.Choose your modem from the list and what port it's connected to and click the right arrow.

7.Click once on the telephone box and enter the dial-up number you received upon signup. Then enter your username@us-it.net (where username is the name you chose or your assigned usit login). Then enter your password and click the right arrow.

8.Choose "no" for "Is there an IP address for this configuration" and click the right arrow.

9.Enter the following for domain name servers:


Do not enter a host name.

10.Enter username@us-it.net for the email address and your password under "password."

11.Enter username@us-it.net for your POP account, and mail.us-it.net for your mail server.

12.Enter news.flite.net for your newsgroup server.

13.Make sure your modem is turned on and choose "Go ahead", making sure that the "Connect when finished" box is checked to test your dial-up.