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:: Windows 3.1
Although we provide initial setup information for Windows 3.1, we do not provide ongoing support or troubleshooting.

Setup Trumpet Winsock Dialer

1. Exit windows to DOS. You must completely exit Windows, not run a DOS session in Windows. To do this, in Program Manager, click FILE, click EXIT, click OK.  

2. Insert the diskette labeled "US-IT.NET" in drive a: and type a:install then press ENTER

3. Follow the instructions on the screen until you return to the DOS prompt C:\

4. Once installed, double-click on the Trumpet Icon and hit Esc a couple of times to cancel it from dialing out.

5. Click on the File menu and then setup.

6. Change the Name Server to

7. Change the Time Server to

8. Change the Domain Suffix to us-it.net

9. Click Dialer ... click 1.setup.cmd and enter the phone number

10. Exit Trumpet, and then restart it.

11. You may now connect to the Internet.

12. If you need to download other Internet software (such as Web browsers, email readers, etc.) go to home.us-it.net and choose the Get Software icon at the top.