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:: Windows NT 4.0

Part A:
Make new dial-up connection

1.Double Click on the "My Computer" Icon.   
  My Computer

2.Double Click on the "Dial-Up Networking" Icon  
DialUp Networking

3.Select "New"

4.Type in us-it.net, and click on "Next"
nextboi.gif (1162 bytes)

5.Mark the 2nd box (Send My Plain Text Password), then click on "Next"
nextboi.gif (1162 bytes)

6.Enter the dial-up phone number you received upon signup, then click "Next"
nextboi.gif (1162 bytes)

7.Click Finish
finiboi.gif (1174 bytes)

8.Drag Dial-up Networking on to your Desktop

9.Click "Yes" to add Shortcut

Part B:
Test your new dial-up connection

1.Click Dial

2.Enter username

3.Enter password (Do NOT type in the domain name)