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:: Windows XP

1. Click on your Start Menu button and select "My Network Places".
Select "View network connections".


2. Select "Create a new connection".

3. The "New Connection Wizard" window will appear and there will be a series of prompts.
Select the "Connect to the Internet" radio button.
Click on next.

4. Select "Set up my connection manually" and then click on next.

5. Select "Connect using a dial-up modem" and then click on next.

6. Under the field for the ISP name entry, enter: US-IT
and click on next.

7. For our preferred phone number to dial out to connect to your account click here.
Alternatively, you may contact us for further help at our toll free number: 877-438-8748.
Click on next.

8. Enter your user name and password that you chose upon your signup.
Uncheck the firewall option box.
Make sure that you have the "add shortcut to my desktop" box checked in.

9. Click on next and then click on finish.
Your configuration is now completed.
You may access your account by launching the US-IT shortcut on your desktop.