:: Modem Strings

First, we must know the chipset on the modem. You should be able to find this by looking at the manual that came with your modem or looking at the modem card.

Once we know if it is a Rockwell, Lucent or USR/3COM we can use the following to adjust the modem for the maximum speed of your phone line. So you know, some people can not even get beyond analog (33.6K baud) on their lines, a lot of times this is due to pairgain equipment that shares your line with another. So 40-50K baud is not always possible.

Second, the next section will give you the commands to configure your dialer (the ICON you click to connect to our service).

Once you find your modem type below then do the following to add the settings. All clicks are left unless told otherwise. To add these settings:

Click "My Computer"
Click "Dial-Up Networking"
Right click on the ICON you use to call our system
Click "Properties"
Click "Configure"
Click "Connection"
Click "Advanced"
Click inside of the white strip that says "Extra Settings." This is where you type the proper commands for your chipset.


Works On most Rockwell-based K56flex modems:
If you normally get disconnected when you connect at 48000, you might try using:


If that didn't work, you would try:


Put it in the "Extra Settings", close the boxes out and try it to dial in.

If you want to test other speeds, note the last number 46000, is the speed, you can raise and lower it 2000 at a time for the best speed. Once you have it, leave it and the V90 will not attempt to connect above that speed, saving you from a lot of drops. Also note, you might want to try +MS=11,0 first, that will disable KFlex, and allow the modem to get the fastest speed for each call, since they do vary.

On most Rockwell-based V.90 or V.90/K56flex modems

If the modem supports V.90, use the +MS=12 command (see above for instructions): +MS=12,0,9600,46000


The S38 command can be used to control the maximum connect speed. The values between 2 and 14 set the maximum speed between 32K and 56K. So, if you normally get disconnected when you connect at 48000, you would try:

S38=9 (this tells the modem to attempt a 46000 baud connection.)

If you still get disconnected, you might try:

S38=8 (for 44000)
S38=7 (for 42000)

and so on.

You can change the S38= from 2-14, (2 being slower and 14 being faster.) Normally 8 or 9 will work on a good phone line. To kill Kflex only, try S38=0, this will tell the modem attempt the fastest speed on each call. If this does not work for you (lots of drops) then do back to 8 or 9..


This is, in our opinion, the best modem on the market. If you have an internal, try S28=0

If you have a Sportster try S32=32, and if you are getting dropped, S15=128 Courier users, try S58=1


Try S202=32+MS=56%C0

That is all we have. This came from www.56k.com, so if you do not see help for your modem, try looking on that site. Also, the links to all the modem chipset drivers are listed there and you might want to upgrade your modem software.


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