:: Windows 95 / 98

Part A:
Make new dial-up connection

1.Double Click on the "My Computer" Icon.   
My Computer

2.Double Click on the "Dial-Up Networking" Icon  
DialUp Networking

3.Double Click on the "Make Connection" Icon.

4.Type "us-it.net" (excluding quotations) and then click on next.

5.Click once on the telephone box and enter the dial-up number you received upon signup.

6.Click once on "Next"  
nextboi.gif (1162 bytes)

7. Click once on "Finish" my computer and click dial-up networking icon. Proceed to Part B.
finiboi.gif (1174 bytes)

Part B:
Setup new dial-up connection

1.Click the RIGHT mouse button on the new "us-it.net" icon.
New Flite Icon

2.Click the LEFT button on "Properties"
proppii.gif (2120 bytes)

3.Select the "Server Type" Button. 
serveri.gif (1219 bytes)

4.Remove the checkmarks from all boxes EXCEPT the one labeled TCP/IP. This is done by clicking on the individual item's box. Ensure that the first box says "PPP: Windows95,..."

5.Proceed to PART C

Part C:
Complete setup of Dial-Up Connection

1.Drag the new "us-it.net" Icon to your desktop area so you may find it easier in the future. You will get a message asking if you would like to create a ShortCut. Select "Yes".

2.Close all the open windows.

3.At this point you are done configuring your dialer.


Part D:
Getting Connected

1. Double-Click the "Shortcut to us-it.net" Icon on your Desktop. The following box will pop up:

2. In the username field type your username in all lowercase letters.

3. In the password field put the password you chose in all lowercase letters.

4. Click the "Connect" button.


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